Sports nutrition to gain mass

Is your goal to gain mass? Then you probably already know his main rule: ensure a high-calorie diet under intense training conditions. However, people who don’t work out often want to gain weight, so suppose you don’t have time to exercise in the gym, but your physique doesn’t suit you, you consider yourself too thin and you would like to weigh more.

Do you exercise relentlessly but gain weight very slowly or just can’t gain a single pound no matter how much you eat? In this case, we need to understand why these problems occur and what mistakes you are making. Of course, there are many nuances, and taking them into account will take too much time, and this is beyond the scope of this article, but still we will highlight the main ones in order to understand how sports nutrition can help you to achieve your goal. By the way, for the most part, the statements “I eat a lot, but I don’t gain weight” turn out to be incorrect, and when we start counting calories, it turns out that we simply do not gain any calories.

“Three whales” from the dough

The basic principles and rules of bodybuilding have remained unchanged for many years: the main rule of mass gain is to provide the body with energy (high calorie intake and daily protein intake), competent systemic training and rest are the three pillars on which your dough rests. . it lives! If you already have a well-designed training program, that’s great, but nutrition is 70% of success.

Which supplements are right for you? Much depends on your body type, which we’ll talk about next. If we talk about general schemes, then to speed up the process of gaining weight, you need to use mainly protein, gainer, post-workout complex, creatine, carbohydrate complex, as well as acid complex amino acids, BCAAs. , a pre-workout complex , a drug that accelerates the secretion of growth hormone or testosterone, and much more, another that in the complex will allow you to take a step forward in the whole.

Proteins and Gainers

To gain muscle mass, proteins are simply necessary, it is obvious. Take a closer look at the types that contain carbs. Proteins are better digested in the presence of carbohydrates, and carbohydrates are necessary for the production of insulin, the main anabolic hormone. Therefore, for rapid growth, isolates should not be picked.

Protein will give you plenty of valuable protein for muscle growth, as just one average serving of a shake contains around 30 grams of high-quality protein, which is guaranteed to build muscle mass. With one or more shakes throughout the day, you can get the calories you need to grow taller.

Protein blends are suitable for people with an “endomorph” type physique, i.e. you have muscle mass, some fat and gain well or gain but have suddenly gained weight or want to speed up this process of losing weight.

A winner will help to replace the next meal, since there is not always time to eat right, while receiving a sufficient amount of protein, carbohydrates and trace elements. Gainer is a godsend for those who want to take the plunge into the team! Each serving of this drink will enrich your muscles with a loaded dose of protein, carbohydrates and nutrients, and the growth will not be long in coming. In particular, the winner is suitable for people who “grow” poorly: if you are the so-called “ectomorph” (you eat a lot, exercise, but the mass does not come or grows very slowly), then you don’t certainly can’t do without it. an Ectomorph gainer should pay attention to high carbohydrate gainers.

However, if you are already overweight or prone to rapid weight gain, your body type is “mesomorphic” and we do not recommend using weight gain. Yes, of course, you will get fat, but what’s the point of getting fat? You’ll still be blind to all your muscle, and when you try to dry out, you’re likely to ride those excesses for so long that you’ll also lose half your mass. Therefore, it is best for a mesomorph to stick to protein or choose a high protein gainer.

Recovery supplements

And now that you are already training well, you are sure to get your calorie intake, it remains to check the third “whale” of mass gain – recovery.

Without full recovery from training, there is no growth. If you don’t recover and return to training, you run the risk of developing “overtraining” syndrome, and this is an extremely dangerous condition for an athlete. When muscles do not fully recover, there is an increase in the production and buildup of cortisol, a hormone that destroys muscle. We strongly recommend that you read additional literature to gain the knowledge necessary for effective training: more is not better. During intense sports, muscle fibers do not grow, they grow during rest, which is why it is so important to get enough sleep and take breaks between strength training.

You can buy post-workout supplements that will help you recover much faster, dramatically increasing your workouts and accelerating your progress. Such complexes contain substances that remove lactic acid (in addition to looking for supplements with beta-alanine), and you will not feel “broken” for three days after intense training.

Almost all post-workout supplements are carb-fortified to enhance recovery, so for fat-prone athletes, we recommend choosing a carb-free supplement (like Ronnie Coleman’s Resurrect-PM or Dymatize’s Elite Recoup). For those who are not gaining weight well, we recommend taking complex carbohydrates after training: they will effectively close the “anabolic window”.

Post-workout complexes may contain amino acids, vitamins and minerals, creatine, special extracts, so:

  • block catabolism processes;
  • increase your testosterone production;
  • accelerate the secretion of growth hormone;
  • have a calming effect.

The last effect in the list will help you fall asleep even after energy drinks and grow uncontrollably during the rest period. For deep, restorative sleep, some athletes take melatonin supplements. Melatonin is known to regulate circadian rhythms, and supplementing with it can help you fall asleep and sleep soundly.

How to maximize growth?

However, that’s not all! You can use other supplements in your program that will help you get even bigger and stronger.


Studies have shown that during a course of intake (five weeks of loading) of creatine, the mass can increase by an average of 5 kilograms! In many respects, this is due to an increase in power indicators and, accordingly, working weights. Creatine is indispensable for your muscles, it will make them stronger, fuller, visually increase their volume.

Amino acids (especially BCAAs and glutamine). These are essential components of protein for the growth of your muscles! Some of the amino acids are essential, that is, they are not produced by the body, so it is recommended to take them in addition. They will fill the micro-tears in your muscles, protect them during training and make them more rigid. You might have a reasonable question: why do I need the amino acids separately if I get them from my protein? The fact is that amino acids are already split and in free form, and therefore they will be used as quickly as possible in growth.

Testosterone boosters. These drugs increase the production of testosterone in the testicles, and it is a powerful anabolic hormone – it is testosterone that is responsible for muscle formation. Testosterone boosters can not only give a real increase in muscle mass and strength, but will also benefit men’s health, increase potency and sexual desire.

Nitric oxide. Not so long ago, scientists discovered that low levels of nitric oxide slow down protein synthesis. Special nitric oxide and arginine boosters dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the muscles and, therefore, increase the supply of all nutrients necessary for muscle growth.

Therefore, having raised the issue of weight gain, it will be at least desirable that you include in your diet sports nutrition products that sometimes accelerate the process of muscle growth.

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